Amanda Noelle Jones

Born October 27, 1998 at 2:25pm

More pictures

Additional pictures are available in the pictures directory, as well as on Michael's page.

Original Artwork

Pieces added 25 April 2000

Untitled piece, crayons on paper [99K]
Untitled piece, Easter-egg dye on paper [127K]


Older pictures are still available here.

Pictures added 1 July 2000

Wearing Mommy's duck slippers [34K]
Got milk? [39K]
In-depth examination of Spaghettios [29K]
The box is, of course, more fun than the contents [36K]
Sitting with Dad [31K]
Smiling with Mom [26K]

Pictures added 13 June 2000

You talking to me? [28K]
Smiling pretty for the camera [36K]
Helping do laundry by making sure the basket doesn't escape [29K]
Playing trucks with Grammy [37K]
Reading with Grammy [27K]
More reading with Grammy [33K]

Pictures added 11 June 2000

Playing with a new tricycle [24K]
Playing with some Duplos [32K]
Building quite a stack... [26K]
It seems to work better with some help from Dad [21K]
Sitting with a blanket [29K]
Looking rather pensive with a pig [31K]
Just before the Easter egg coloring began... [25K]
The first egg... [28K]
A couple more eggs colored... [33K]
More eggs, plus more of Amanda colored... [32K]
Coloring an egg [38K]
My, but that's a colorful tray... [40K]
Carefully coloring another egg [27K]
Coloring on paper [36K]
The end result...a colored Amanda [40K]
Amanda hunting Easter eggs [40K]

Pictures added 25 April 2000

Looking quite serious [35K]
Sitting on Daddy's tummy [28K]
Sitting in her activity table [31K]
Lying on the couch with Daddy's Visor [35K]
Amanda, Mom, and Grandma playing in the sand [44K]
Amanda smooshing sand constructions [40K]
Amanda mugging for the camera [24K]
Amanda, Grandma, and Grandpa at the top of the slide [39K]
Amanda and Grandma at the bottom of the slide [33K]

Pictures added 8 March 2000

Two-fisted dining excitement [36K]
"Oh, I want one of these, and..." [33K]
"Almost beat Daddy's high score that time..." [21K]
Better than blocks [27K]
Ready to bowl... [26K]
Who should I throw to... [48K]
Just playing with the ball [39K]
In the sand with a shovel [46K]
Watching from the sidelines, cup in hand [27K]

Pictures added 27 February 2000

A look at the Christmas tree [35K]
Opening presents Christmas morning [32K]
With Gramma over Thanksgiving. [31K]
With Aunt Jacquie over Thanksgiving. [29K]
Sitting in the rocking chair with Mommy's doll. [47K]
Sleeping on the floor. [46K]

Pictures added 9 January 2000

Standing in her garden. [23K] [1999/7/29]
Sleeping in her high chair. [29K] [1999/8/1]
Sucking on those fingers some more. [24K] [1999/8/11]
Helping with the laundry. [38K] [1999/8/13]
Playing with her ball. [32K] [1999/8/14]
Mistress of all she surveys. [26K] [1999/8/28]
Playing at the park. [35K] [1999/8/28]
At the park with Gramma and Grampa. [37.5K] [1999/8/28]
Looking cute with some crayons. [31K] [1999/9/2]
The littlest RPI student. [18.5K] [1999/9/13]
More playing with crayons. [31.5K] [1999/9/17]
Helping Dad on the computer. [29K] [1999/9/24]
Still more playing with crayons. [41K] [1999/9/30]
Playing with her keyboard. [34.5K] [1999/10/3]
"Who, me?" [28.5K] [1999/10/4]
Walking off with a stuffed cat. [30K] [1999/10/7]
Hats are such fun... [31K] [1999/10/15]
Finding Daddy's nose. [22K] [1999/10/25]
Sitting with Grammy and Dad. [26.5K] [1999/10/30]
Sitting with Mommy and Daddy. [25.5K] [1999/10/30]
Helping fold laundry. [22K] [1999/11/4]
Playing with some diapers. [33K] [1999/11/9]
"Computers are easy..." [35K] [1999/11/12]
Reading with Mommy. [28K] [1999/11/14]
Wearing Dad's jacket. [23.5K] [1999/11/16]
Reading a book in her highchair. [36K] [1999/11/20]
Guess the book wasn't interesting. [37K] [1999/11/20]
Sitting with Grampa ('Bapa'). [22.5K] [1999/11/25]
Sitting with Bapa's wallet. [32K] [1999/11/25]
Stealing Mommy's hat. [31.5K] [1999/12/19]
Playing with her bucket at the park. [42K] [1999/12/20]
Riding the horse at the park. [38.5K] [1999/12/20]
First visit with Santa. [36.5K] [1999/12/20]

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