Amanda Noelle Jones

Born October 27, 1998 at 2:25 pm
7 lb. 4 oz., 20.5 in.

Baby Pictures

Added August 11, 1999

First portrait [44K]
The littlest jailbird [41K]
"If I can get through this, there'll be no stopping me!" [27K]
Fourth of July outfit (a day late) [33K]
Climbing onto the couch to visit [29K]
Starting to read early [37K]
Bringing the book along as she stands [29K]
Crawling to the camera [18K]
No teeth and proud of it [21K]
Showing clues early [32K]

Added June 30, 1999

"Just call me Fang, okay?" [23K]
"So many spoons, so little time..." [26K]
"Yeah, I'm wet. So?" [34K]
Sitting in a tube at the park [26K]
"So this is where they keep all the toys...oh, hi Mom..." [41K]
"Mmm, if I stretch I can eat this..." [28K]
Sitting at the park with Daddy and Grammy [43K]

Added May 8, 1999

"I'm ready for my closeup, Dad!" [31K]
Amanda in her Easter outfit [34K]
Eating a sock [19K]
Reacting to having her picture taken while eating a sock [23K]
Sitting on the couch in a new dress [29K]
Sitting on the floor with a doll [38K]
Surprised again by the paparazzi [34K]
Amanda and her mother sitting on the couch [35K]

Added April 11, 1999

"High chairs are for eating, right?" [17K]
Amanda being dried off after a bath [25K]
More drying off after a bath [24K]
Amanda in her Disney overalls [32K]
Mom and Amanda in matching overalls [20K]
Standing with support from Mom's overalls... [25K]
"Dad, what are you doing with that camera?" [27K]
A sleepy mommy with a sleeping baby [23K]
Sitting on the couch in a Pooh sleeper [26K]
Amanda in her spearmint sleeper [25K]
Standing up and holding her bear [31K]
Standing up in Mom's lap [28K]
Amanda, looking sleepy, in her star-pattern sleeper [30K]
Amanda with her toybox. Decisions, decisions... [30K]
Amanda in her Valentine's day outfit. [30K]
Amanda on the couch, playing with a toy [8K]
From Amanda's first solid food, March 2, 1999
The bowl is Amanda? [28K]
Dad tries to get the food in... [28K]
Mom tries to get the food in, an operation taking a lot of concentration...[25K]
Maybe some of it got in...maybe not. [29K]

Added February 15, 1999

Pictures from Amanda's baptism, January 10, 1999
Jenne holding Amanda in her baptismal gown [30K]
Jenne's father holding Amanda before the service [26K]
Jenne's parents with Amanda [36K]
A scene from the baptism [34K]
Pictures from a trip to the park, December 31, 1998
Sitting with Dad at the park [36K]
Sitting on a little horse-shaped rider [19K]
Sitting on a slide with Mom [41K]
Sitting on a slide with Dad [35K]
First time in the big stroller before we left [40K]
Sitting in a swing [32K]
Assorted other pictures from the past 6 weeks
Sleeping on the couch with Dad [37K]
Trying on her new overalls [29K]
Playing with her rattle [27K]
A little later with the same rattle [41K]
A family picture of Jenne's family [40K]

Added December 24, 1998

She's becoming such a big girl... [29K]
She's not necessarily so fond of the bucket... [37K]
She's willing to sit with Dad at the computer [57K]
She's willing to sit with Dad in the glider [71K]
She has a hat like Mom's [64K]
She still likes hanging around with Mom [53K]

Added December 13, 1998

Amanda lying on a blanket [61K]
Trying to crawl (not getting very far) [55K]
Great-grandma Wilson (Jenne's father's mother) holding Amanda [68K]
Jenne's mother holding Amanda [62K]
Jenne's father holding Amanda [45K}
Amanda smiling [57K]
Amanda waving over Jenne's shoulder [36K]

Added November 27, 1998

Facial shot of Amanda [80K]
Jenne's mother holding Amanda in the rocking chair [102K]
Three generations together [86K]
Amanda and her thumb [86K]

Added November 24, 1998

Candid shot of Jenne and Amanda at the breakfast table [59K]
Amanda being happy [43K]
Amanda being decidedly unhappy [29K]
Brad holding Amanda on the couch [40K]

Added November 18, 1998

Facial shot of Amanda [9K]
Jenne holding Amanda while Brad's mother looks on [103K]
Brad's mother holding Amanda [51K]
Jenne holding Amanda on the couch [61K]
Jenne feeding Amanda [52K]

Added November 3, 1998

Jenne and Amanda looking in a mirror [36K]
Amanda in her bassinet at the hospital [35.5K]
Jenne and Amanda leaving the hospital [58K]
Amanda lying in her crib [54K]
Brad holding Amanda in the rocking chair [46.5K]
Amanda sitting in her carseat [54K]
Amanda sitting in her carseat [47K]

Added October 28, 1998

Mom (Jenne) and Amanda [49.1K]
Dad (Brad) and Amanda [58K]
Dad (Brad) and Amanda (again) [62.1K]

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