The Walt Disney World Vacation Video Drinking Game

Recent discussion has brought up the point that there is a lot of reused footage in the WDW Vacation Videos. In true Internet fashion, this calls for the creation of a drinking game.

As WDW is a family-oriented place, the drink of choice for this is fruit juice. What you actually drink is up to you.

The current version is based on the "pre-family" tapes; I'm sure the quotes are different for the later tapes. Any suggested additions should be mailed to

Please note that this is not just intended for the latest tapes. Some of the items are impossible unless you are watching an older tape, and others require knowledge of other tapes.

And now, without further ado...

One Drink

  1. The footage used is obviously not from WDW. (side-by-side seating in Space Mountain)
  2. The footage used is obsolete. (attraction has been changed since footage was shot)
  3. The footage used bears little or no resemblance to the actual attraction, instead consisting of special effects that look entirely unlike the attraction. (Tower of Terror, Alien Encounter, Body Wars, Honey I Shrunk the Audience...)
  4. The attraction being promoted no longer exists. (Splashtacular!)
  5. The attraction being promoted is not yet open. (Disney Cruise Line)
  6. Gratuitous bikini shots. (Focus of scene is one or more attactive young women in bikinis) Note: This includes the video box, if appropriate.
  7. Something that never happens. (A child runs across Main Street to a waiting Mickey with nobody else in the area)
  8. A guest is singing a Disney song.
  9. A walkaround character is acting as a bellhop, caddy, etc.
  10. A walkaround character is shown enjoying the amenities of WDW. (pools, golfing, etc.)
  11. A logo for a TV Network not owned by Disney is seen.
  12. A guest describes a marriage proposal or recommends proposing at WDW.

Repeated Segments

One drink for each of the following segments:

  1. "Scariest ride I've ever been's great, you gotta ride it." (Space Mountain)
  2. "And then just move on to the next country." (World Showcase)
  3. "I like to laugh, laugh and have a good time!" (Pleasure Island)
  4. "I liked it so much I came back!" (Pleasure Island)
  5. The guy competing against Tim Allen at SuperStar Television.
  6. The woman whose boyfriend/husband is being stolen by Minnie.
  7. "The thing I like most is Sorcery in the Sky."
  8. "Oh, it's thrilling!" (Innoventions)
  9. "That's when you really get scared because you know you're gonna just take off." (Summet Plummet)
  10. "We got met at the door by the butler..." (Adventurer's Club)
  11. "If Pleasure Island was open 24 hours we'd be here!"
  12. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" (Disney Institute)
  13. "Arigato, I think, is 'Thank You'..." "Are you sure?" (Japan)
  14. People desparately counting down to midnight at Pleasure Island.
  15. "Mickey giving me my first Mickey-hug..."
  16. "...even your tee times. (Whack!) Nice shot..." (Guest Benefits)
  17. " daughter cried!" (Mickey's Starland/Toontown Fair)

One drink for each previous segment with the same guest or guests in this tape.

One extra drink if you've seen an alternate form of this segment.


  1. "We almost went and hit the ceiling there I'm sure." (Space Mountain)
  2. "Change accents as you go" (World Showcase)
  3. "He takes us into...the Library..." (Adventurer's Club>

If the tape has a 'host', one drink every time you see him/her. (Two if he or she is not being an idiot.)